Friday, November 05, 2004

He's an ass...

Via Eric Zorn's notebook, the Trib, NPR and Renew America, Keyes finally conceded:
Two days after his record loss in the U.S. Senate race, Republican Alan Keyes conceded defeat during a radio interview Thursday. But he said he would never congratulate the winner, Barack Obama, because the Democrat stood for "a culture evil enough to destroy the very soul and heart of my country."
Apparently, even Dan Proft was apologizing for him:
Earlier, Gibbs had told the Tribune that he talked five times on election night with a top Keyes staffer who was trying to get his candidate to concede. The Keyes aide, Dan Proft, apologized repeatedly for his candidate's behavior, Gibbs said. Proft confirmed that he had spoken to Gibbs on Tuesday but said the conversation was private and declined to discuss it.
And it sounds like he's still planning to stick around, so the counter will remain up:
Keyes has said he expects to stay in Illinois, and several Keyes staffers and volunteers from out-of-state have said they also may stay.