Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Buying O (the Oprah Magazine) so you don't have to...

So, for those of us who have read the autobiography and heard Obama speak a few times, it starts with the autobiographical sketch that many of us have heard before. But as it's an interview with Oprah, it's actually worth buying just to read her gushing over Barack and Michelle. For example, Oprah says that she was "alone in my sitting room cheering and saying 'I think this is the One.'" Barack responds:
"That's so nice. I think I'm one of the ones. I fight against the notion that black can have only one leader at a time...I want to be part of many voices that help the entire country rise up."
And there was a little Barack gushing back...
Oprah: I think the name is working for you now. Barack: Absolutely. You're turned out okay for you, too.
Oprahs asks "what do you want to do with your politics?" The answer was nice:
Barack: Two things. I want to make real the American ideal that every child in this country has a shot at life...For my second and companion goal, I'm well situated to help the country understand how we can both celebrate our diversity in all its complexity and still affirm our common bonds."
And in a moment that makes every person with student loans smile there's:
Barack: The hardest thing about the work I do is the strain it puts on Michelle, and not being around enough for the kids. Then there are the financial worries after you've come out of Harvard Law School... Michelle: It's Harvard, Princeton and Columbia combined.
Anyway, I actually do recommend the article--it's a nice combination of the personal, political and inspiration. Although the pictures of Oprah with the Obama family were overwhelming--too many beautiful people in one picture.