Friday, October 08, 2004

Keyes--Why I'm disappointed in him.

A rambling post. So, here's the deal. I think I was hoping that Keyes would be more relevant than he was. I wanted an opportunity to challenge the religious right. But really, Keyes disenfranchised everyone and made himself completely irrelevant. I guess we all knew that Keyes was bound just to be a be a jerk and say rude things, but underneath, I think I was hoping for a little less hatred and a little more intelligent conversation. And for why I wanted intelligent debate: I think that there are evangelicals that can be won over to the Democratic party. A good debate between Obama and a "moderate" evangelical might have helped. But here, Keyes did it on it on his own. People reacted against him instead of for something. Someday a few more evangelicals besides Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo will give up on the Republican party. But really, this wasn't the race to do it. It was over. It was over after the primary. And even more over after Keyes entered. Obama's time is far better spent raising money for close races and helping in swing states. But let's not give up on evangelicals. Democrats can reach them--eventually. One thing to check out is the Interfaith Alliance event on Oct. 12. (Of course, that's the same night as the Keyes/Obama radio debate).