Monday, October 11, 2004

Illinois Leader Poll

is quite humorous:

Illinois U.S. Senate debate, Part I. What is most likely to occur during the first debate between Keyes and Obama on Tuesday night in Springfield?
  • Try as he might, Sen. Obama will not be able to resist engaging Keyes in verbal sparring
  • Alan Keyes will reveal that not only is Jesus Christ not going to vote for Obama but that Christ has also decided to intervene on Keyes' behalf
  • Sen. Obama will use the following rebuttal line in response to a Keyes answer at least once, "this is a reason I'm up 50 points'
  • Alan Keyes will go beyond questioning Obama's heritage and faith to alleging that, in fact, Obama is a figment of the collective imagination of IL voters and doesn't actually exist.
  • The fallout of the debate will lead to a MTV Celebrity Deathmatch claymation re-enactment