Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Gov's Dream

From the Daily-Herald, the Governor volunteers a dream that he had:
In the governor's dream, he's driving through Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood when he stops his security detail because he sees some buildings that might be a good investment. A crowd gathers and one man is particularly threatening, so his security advises him it's time to go. Just as he's about to leave, Barack Obama shows up and gets out of a cab. After saying hello, the governor is again about to leave when Obama notices his cab has a flat and starts to fix it. "And I said to my guy, 'Can't leave now. If Barack's fixing that flat tire, I gotta help, too.' " Blagojevich said. Then, he went on, "the taxicab driver gets out of the taxicab, and it was Alan Keyes." Blagojevich said later he thinks the dream reflects his worries about security in the wake of the Springfield shooting and Obama's commanding lead in the polls over Keyes.