Tuesday, October 12, 2004

How much did you drink?

Took down the original post b/c I couldn't find the delete comments option fast enough for my taste. Anyway, here's the game again: A drinking game for the Obama/Keyes debate. 1 drink: Every time Obama mentions an ordinary Illinoisan by name. Every time Obama mentions outsourcing. Every time Obama mentions factories closing. (And yes, 3 drinks if all three of the above come in one answer.) Every time either candidate mentions John Kerry. Every time Keyes says "slaveholder's position." Every time Keyes says "infanticide." If Keyes says "Marxist" or "socialist." Another drink if he adds "hard-line." Every time Obama mentions the rising cost of health care or uninsured workers. If Keyes responds to a health care question by talking by tort reform. Every time Keyes rips on the media. If Keyes uses the phrase "selfish hedonist." If Keyes uses the phrase "haunted by the possibility of a child." Every time Keyes mentions his "experience" during the Reagan administration. If Keyes references being Catholic. If Obama references his personal religious beliefs. If Keyes mentions tariffs as the solution to everything. If Keyes mentions the Dred Scott case by name. 2 drinks: Every time Keyes interrupts the moderator. Every time Keyes interrupts Obama. Every time Keyes tries to challenge Obama to additional debates. Every time Keyes says that the polls are false, that he doesn't believe the polls, etc. Every time they agree on something. At the end, a toast: To yourself for listening to a radio debate. It was so retro, afterall. To Obama for putting up with Keyes. So since abortion and gay marriage didn't come up much, many of the suggestions weren't relevant. But it doesn't seem like there was still room to get a little tipsy by drinking for mentions of Kerry, as long as you were drinking something stronger than beer.