Wednesday, October 13, 2004

O, the Oprah magazine

From the comments:
There's an excellent interview with Barack in the new O magazine. There couldn't be a better article if Jesus wrote it Himself. It really shows Barack as the thoughtful, more-than-competent, freakishly intelligent person he is. And it's OPRAH, so it's a gazillion times more important than a radio debate. # posted by Anonymous : 10:18 PM
I think I've purchased every magazine with an extended article on Obama. I've never purchased O, the Oprah Magazine before. This will be a first. And as a bonus I get to learn about "Oprah and the Really, Really Good Sandwich."
It was a miracle on rye—no, make that on homemade white pepper-Jack bread. It wasn't just the curried chicken sandwich that bowled Oprah over, but a local California cook, a quirky cafĂ©…and an opportunity to help keep some local home fires burning.