Monday, October 04, 2004

Keyes offers to coach Bush for next debates

Too funny for commentary, via Archpundit and comments:
CHICAGO -- Republican Alan Keyes says the President merely needs to be himself if he wants to do better in the rest of his debates with Democrat John Kerry. But perhaps a bit of coaching would help. "There's only one thing that I would advise the President to do that he has not done, and I say this with all modesty," Keyes said. "I would advise this President to spend a good half hour talking with me." And what advice would he offer the President? "Half an hour would be sufficient to make it clear that all he has to do, and all that ever needs to be done in that situation, is for somebody with experience, with a digested sense of what needs to be done, to be himself and to speak from that experience to the American people," Keyes said. "That's all he has to do." WBBM