Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Still Delusional...

are the columnists at the Illinois Leader:
If we are to believe the pre-election polls, it will take every last one of us, every single conservative voter in the state of Illinois, to turn out and vote for Alan Keyes and President Bush in order for them to carry the state of Illinois. And, you know what, I believe the polls. This state is near hopeless, from a conservative standpoint. But “near” hopeless is not the same as hopeless. Until 7pm Tuesday, I will hold out hope. I will hold out hope that Republicans in this state will, in fact, vote for the Republicans in these races.
And the secret to the success:
All Republicans? All Conservatives? All Christians? Add them all together and it spells victory in Illinois for Alan Keyes and President Bush. However, according to the polls, if even one Republican, just one conservative, even a single Christian votes for John Kerry, we’ll have to live with the possibility of a Kerry Presidency (although other states may let us off the hook). But, if even one Republican, just one Conservative, even a single Christian votes for Barack Obama, then we will find ourselves in a situation where the conservative Senator from Illinois is Dick Durbin.
Well, first, the problem with the argument is that "all Republicans, All Conservatives and all Christians" are separate groups with no overlapping. The first and second are not enough to win it for Keyes. But, maybe, all Christians combined with "all Republicans and all conservatives" would be enough. But, since Scott Thomas says that it will take all Christians voting for Keyes, I have to say... Scott Thomas, I'm a Christian and I've already voted for Obama. (And Kerry, too.) So, it's over. over. over.