Thursday, October 14, 2004

Keyes 2000 Campaign must repay $118,302

From the AP Wires (and also the 10 o'clock news), currently on San Jose Mercury News (registration required).
FEC Fines Keyes' 2000 Campaign Associated Press WASHINGTON - Illinois Senate candidate Alan Keyes' 2000 presidential campaign has been fined $23,000 for campaign finance violations including taking excessive contributions. The Federal Election Commission also ordered Keyes' presidential campaign to repay the federal government $95,302. Keyes accepted partial government financing for the 2000 presidential primaries, in which he competed unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination against President Bush and others. In all, Keyes' 2000 presidential campaign must pay the government $118,302, the FEC said Thursday. The campaign admitted accepting $168,200 worth of contributions over the individual donation limit, which in 2000 was $1,000 per person. It also acknowledged it had taken at least $15,000 in anonymous contributions, among other violations. Keyes is now a Republican candidate in a race for an open Illinois Senate seat. He faces Democrat Barack Obama in the Nov. 2 election.
Don't believe the story, check out the FEC's website:
(a) Keyes 2000, Inc.,
Excessive contributions; excessive contributions in the form of stale-dated checks; failure to dispose of cash contributions over $50; excessive cash disbursements
(a) Conciliation Agreement: $23,000 civil penalty* Respondents will remit $95,302 to the United States Treasury.