Thursday, October 21, 2004


7:25pm---I believe Keyes said tonight that he believes in educating the heart and soul of people to make the community a better place. I guess in his own hypocritical thought process this is achieved by saying negative things about gays and lesbians, labeling people who disagree with him as sinners, and saying certain views are slaveholder positions. November 2nd cannot come soon enough. 7:30pm---Did Keyes really just say that Obama does not read the newspaper? He is desperate... Obama certainly took Keyes, on Keyes' questioning of sex education for children. 7:39pm--Ah, Keyes got the question what would you say to your child if he/she came to him and said he/she was gay/lesbian. Keyes said the bible says homosexuality is wrong, and that the same sex marriage debate is "irrelevant." Obama "would love that child." Obama shows his humanism again. Keyes still is a jerk. 7:46pm--Well, Keyes has managed to relate pretty much all of the questions back to the evils of of being gay. Obama got it right when he said he did not need Keyes lecturing him about Christianity, nor did the people of Illinois. 7:50pm--Obama calls Keyes out on his tax exemptions! Fantastic. 7:53pm---Are these statistics Keyes keeps reciting on African-Americans and abortion accurate?