Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Seems like I didn't miss much...

Many thanks to the truth tornado for filling in to allow my social life to be unhindered by Alan Keyes. It appears that in the end, I didn't miss all that much. In fact, according to Eric Zorn, the big question was:
WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ALAN KEYES? That, in a nutshell, seemed to be the main thing reporters wanted to know tonight during Republican U.S. Senatorial candidate Alan Keyes' post-debate news conference here in the Old State Capitol building. "What happened to `Jesus wouldn't vote for Barack Obama?'" asked Daily Herald State Government Editor John Patterson, grilling Keyes about his surprising shift during the debate away from the aggressive tone and personal attacks that has so far marked his campaign. " I don't understand," said Keyes, affecting a "moi?" pose. "What change of tone?"
The Sun-Times summarizes portions of the debate as:
Getting his first chance to debate front-runner Barack Obama face to face, Republican Senate candidate Alan Keyes suggested his opponent lacks the foreign affairs experience to make wise decisions about fighting terrorism but generally stayed away from direct attacks.
And I like this quote from Obama:
Keyes has said Obama's opposition was the key factor in his decision to move to Illinois and enter the Senate race. "Unfortunately, it's premised on a falsehood. If Ambassador Keyes had called me up, he could have saved himself a trip," Obama said.
As for this talk of spaghetti, Christmas trees and bayonets, I'll have to wait for the transcripts.