Thursday, October 21, 2004

Obama vs. Keyes II

6:51 pm-- Okay, Truth Girl's "paying job" has her preoccupied at the moment, so I'm filling in just in case Keyes says (we all know he will) something crazy, and better yet if he does something crazy. So feel free to add any thoughts ! 7:02 pm--Nice stars in the background. Notice that the ones behind Obama are bigger and brighter than the ones behind Keyes. Hmmm... 7:07pm--Keyes started off a little nervous, but he appears to be getting into his righteous groove now. Good question to Obama about holding his own against the Daley administration. Obama answered good. 7:11pm--Keyes starts in with "the trade crisis" as a major issue (No mention of tariffs yet). 7:15pm--Nice comeback by Obama using his meeting with law enforcement to demsonstrate the dangers of assault weapons. There are not many deer in bullet-proof vests--go Obama.