Thursday, October 14, 2004

a Truth Girl high point

O.K. So, Truth Girl just returned from her first Obama fundraiser since before the keynote address. Tonight there was a "young professionals" fundraiser for Obama and Kerry at the Chicago Theater. It was so incredibly cool. First, the outside of the Chicago Theatre had Obama's name in huge letters. The side said something like "welcoming the next U.S. Senator from Illinois." I forgot to take a camera, but I'm trusting that the campaign will have some fantastic pictures of the sign. Then, of course, Obama was fabulous. It's largely a new speech since before the primaries. It reminds me of that movie about Jerry Seinfeld when he tosses out his old material and has to begin anew because everyone has already heard it. And Obama's speech was great, as usual. But we must skip to the end when Truth Girl and friends met Chris Heinz. He was so sweet, so nice, a good speaker and does his job fabulously: building up his stepdad. He also says the cutest things about his mom. Truth Girl and friends assured him that they are excited for the day when an intelligent, outspoken women returns as First Lady. Oh, and Truth Girl would be incomplete if she did not mention: Chris Heinz is attractive. And wealthy. And as a p.s. Truth Girl must mention how excited her straight male friends and lesbian female friends were to see Alyssa Milano tonight. The most humble audience line of the night was "I am so honored that Alyssa Milano is nervous to be speaking to me." More on the speeches in the a later post... Update: Changed first fundraiser after primary to after keynote address. I forgot I attended at least one fundraiser after the primary, while Jack Ryan was still the opposition. But it was definitely the first event after Obamania hit. And it was definitely the last $50 fundraiser that Obama will ever have.