Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Post-debate blogging

One of the best uses of $100 in my life was attending the Obama/Keyes Debate #3. It was highly entertaining. I wasn't taking notes or anything so this round of comments is mostly about atmosphere and perception. The campaigns are already on the rapid response missions, but I'll add my comments on specifics later. The crowd was clearly Obama supporters. As proof? Keyes walked in first to little more than whispers. The crowd applauded when Obama walked in. Afterwords the crowd gathered Obama, wanting to shake his hand. Keyes walked out unhindered. I think it's worth noting that the extended blinking thing that Keyes does during the debate or press conferences, he does it all the time--even while waiting on Obama's lighting check. In addition, Keyes did seem to be praying for several moments before the debate, which I don't disparage him for. There were numerous Illinois politicians present--although after my Chris Heinz meeting, no one else has really measured up. And, as I'm sure this will excite Chillinois, so was Maya Keyes, although they hadn't saved a chair for her, so it took some last minute adjustments of seating arrangements. The crowd laughed outloud at a few crazy things that Keyes said and applauded a few times at Obama comments (much to the dismay of Phil Ponce). There was a religious right type to my left who kept saying "amen" during Keyes comments about Israel. As for all of you whining about the "ums" by Obama, I think there were less this time, but I never really noticed them to begin with.