Monday, October 04, 2004

Keyes on 9/11

In case you wonder if Keyes ever back down? No.
And I know that some folks came in for a lot of criticism shortly after 9/11 when they dared to use the J-word with respect to it. Dared to suggest that possibly somewhere in it we should begin to read a word, a warning, perhaps, from the Lord our God. But before we simply dismiss their words, it might behoove us to look at this parallel between the terrible blow the terrorists struck that had at its heart this principle of evil: a disregard for the claims of innocent human life. And the terrible blows struck every day and almost every hour in our own polity, when someone reaches into the womb where sleeps our innocent future, and snuffs out the life that by His grace, God has invited there--an act that has, at its heart, the same disregard for the claims of innocent human life.