Saturday, October 02, 2004

Non-Keyes post

Non-Keyes thoughts. Since Keyes has been relatively silent this week, I'm forced to contemplate other things, such as 1. I have election weekend off. Where could I be of most use? (And if I haven't mentioned it before, I am a lawyer, so am looking at the election protection options, just can't decide on a state.) 2. Can November 2 arrive more quickly? I would like to start saving money again--I've spent way too much money donating to campaigns. 3. Both things can't go wrong can they? Cubs can't fail to make the playoffs and Kerry lose, can they? I never thought both things could actually happen, but can they both not happen? 4. Comment 3 is not a defeatist comment, I thought the debate was great and momentum is swinging back to Kerry. But then, didn't we think that about the Cubs 9 days ago? 5. As a subset of #3, I would urge all Cubs fans to now donate their allotted playoff money to the DNC or some needy Congressional candidate. And don't forget to add in the beer money. 6. Having been convinced of Fox News evilness by Outfoxed, I now wonder, should I boycott all Fox programming, including the Simpsons? 7. Should I wear a "Truth Girl" t-shirt to the Obama/Keyes debate? That's probably not allowed, or at least tacky, but I'm still contemplating it. In the end, I'll wear boring work clothes. 8. America-The Book by the Daily Show writers is quite funny. Quite long, but quite funny. 9. Did Nebraska really almost lose to Kansas? Kansas?