Monday, September 06, 2004

Alan Keyes & Paul Bremer

Some readers the Illinois Leader are standing behind Keyes with my favorite letter being:
Alan Keyes may get tagged with the carpetbagger label, but he's like the original Yankee carpetbaggers, there to enforce the terms of surrender and help with reconstruction until the southern states were ready to govern themselves again. A good modern analogy is Paul Bremer's interim administration in Iraq.
A few aren't so supportive, if you can call comparing Illinois to Iraq, supportive:
Illinois will never welcome Mr. Keyes, nor does Mr. Keyes desire to be welcomed by Illinois. He is simply the alter ego of Howard Stern.
His recent comments regarding Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary being a hedonist was sin in itself. I actually agree with most of Dr. Keyes' social concerns, but as a religious person I also understand that Dr. Keyes has committed one of the greatest sins of them all. He is sitting in judgment, and we all know that man cannot judge man, only God can judge man. Dr. Keyes has found a way to sink the Illinois Republican Party even lower.