Friday, September 10, 2004

The Tar Heels

Tipped off by a Daily Kos diary, it looks like Keyes may be visiting the campus of UNC, for the bargain price of $8,000 ($7,000 paid for by student fees). From the Daily Tar Heel:
With only two abstentions, Student Congress' Finance Committee passed an amendment Tuesday night allotting $7,000 in student fees to the UNC Federalist Society to bring speaker Alan Keyes to campus. Keyes is a Republican candidate for senator in Illinois and ran for president in the 2000 election. Although the Federalist Society had confirmed Keyes' speech for Sept. 23, one of his campaign workers canceled that date about an hour after the conclusion of the Finance Committee meeting. He's still coming," said David Rutledge, president of UNC's Federalist Society. "We're definitely going to have him come in the fall semester." Rutledge said he expects Keyes to come to campus during the same week as the original date. If this is not possible, Keyes is expected to visit soon after the election in November. "The date's fluctuating right now because of the campaign," Rutledge said. "We will talk to the campaign manager (this) morning to reschedule."
Nice cancellation move by the Keyes campaign. The poor Federalist society thought they were going to get Keyes while he was mildly relevant. Instead they will be a minor stop on his drift back to obscurity.
Keyes is expected to speak about federalism, judicial activism, the definition of marriage and race relations. "We're not out to cause trouble," Rutledge said. "He (Keyes) specifically can address, in a scholarly manner, federalist issues."
Do conservatives never learn? And it's worth noting that the federalists are getting a "discount" from Keyes list rate. Although I think Keyes list price may be like buying a new car--you're an idiot if you pay list.