Wednesday, September 01, 2004

May the force be with you, Mr. DeClue

I know that I'm at odds with the Archpundit and Eric Zorn on this, but I hope Leonard DeClue wins, even if he stands no chance. First, for me personally, I'm tired. Keyes is keeping me up at night. Following his crazy antics is wearing me out. Then, I just get so worked up I can't sleep. I can't believe that anyone is saying that kind of stuff on a daily basis. I know I could quit blogging, but it wouldn't help. I would lose my outlet for expressing my anger and my blood pressure would only go up more. But more importantly, I want this hate-filled man to disappear from public life. I want him to quit having a platform to espouse his vitriole. I know we're all worked up today, because someone finally got him to tag a name to one of his ideas, but the problem is that even without a specific name his ideas still hurt nameless people. Frankly, with apologies to all the bloggers, it's just selfish to want to keep him around for entertainment value when... It's real women who have abortions and deal with the lifelong ramifications. They, too, are hurt when Keyes calls them terrorists. It's real men and women who struggle with coming out to their families, caring for life partners without benefits and facing discrimination. They, too, are hurt when Keyes calls them Nazis or selfish hedonists. So, yes, Mr. DeClue continue your legal battle. Let's get Keyes back to Maryland sooner rather than later. Update: So, yeah, it's a quack. But that doesn't mean I couldn't hope for it to happen!