Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The great debater?

So, remember how we were all supposed to be awaiting seeing that great debater and orator come to Illinois and take on Obama? Now, even Keyes admits that he was bested by a radio talk show host:
Keyes told a New York radio station Monday that homosexuality is "sexual hedonism." In response, the show's host asked if Mary Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter, was a "sexual hedonist." Keyes replied: "Of course she is." ... Keyes blamed the media for personalizing his comments about Mary Cheney. "Do I know whether or not the daughter of the Cheneys is engaging in such acts? It is not for me to know," Keyes said. "I only know the argument I have made. It is for others to draw the conclusion."
Well, O.K. Keyes doesn't really admit it. But we all know it. He was bested with a simple syllogism: All Homosexuals are sinful hedonists Mary Cheney is a homosexual Therefore, Mary Cheney is a sinful hedonist. Great debate skills, Mr. Keyes... Update: Is it sinful hedonist or sexual hedonist? The Trib article has it both ways?