Sunday, September 26, 2004

Over 50%!!

The Trib today has the latest numbers. It's now a 51% Obama lead. Whoo-hoo. But people of Illinois--don't think you don't need to vote. Let's make sure the numbers come in at 50% or better for Obama. But, as for those polling trends which is apparently what everyone is talking about this year:
Keyes ... was trailing Democrat Barack Obama in a Tribune/WGN-TV poll last month by 41 percentage points. But Obama's already commanding lead has now grown to 51 points, according to another Tribune poll that surveyed a cross-section of all Illinois voters.
In case you are wondering, that is only 17% of likely voters backing Keyes. I know, I know, there's some of you wondering how even 17% of people can vote for Keyes, but remember that number is less than the percentage of registered Republicans in the state. The numbers appear in an article on the general state of disarray of the state Republicans. And that gives rise to what is second favorite statistic in the article (after the 51% lead one):
Only 44 percent of self-identified GOP voters said they intended to support Keyes, and 35 percent said they planned to vote for Obama.
Wait, I take that back, this might be my second favorite statistic:
Meanwhile, 39 percent of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Obama while just 31 percent think favorably of Keyes.