Saturday, September 04, 2004


Via So-Called Austin Mayor, there's this article:
[Keyes] accused Obama, a state senator, of softening his positions to make them more palatable to voters. "His record is the record of a hard-line, academic, Marxist socialist, who wants a government takeover of health care, who voted for infanticide because of his position on taking innocent human life and so forth," Keyes said. Asked for examples that would support that claim concerning Obama's record, Keyes cited legislation introduced by the South Side senator that would have guaranteed all Illinois residents access to adequate health care.
I just have a few questions for Mr. Keyes. What would God Want? What would Jesus do? Those are the questions that Mr. Keyes has asked voters to ask themselves this election. I just would like to ask if it's possible that God could also care about things other than abortion and gay marriage. Isn't it possible that God also cares about access to adequate health care? Or maybe God doesn't care about politics at all. But if Mr. Keyes is so willing to invoke the words "God" and "Jesus," I think it is worth asking why that faith doesn't also include a little compassion or responsibility for poor and sick.