Tuesday, September 21, 2004

In good news...

Fortunately, actually acting like a resident of Illinois hasn't taken priority for Keyes:
Keyes, a Maryland resident who has rented an apartment in Calumet City to qualify for the Illinois ballot, said he has registered to vote here, but other residency issues have had to wait. "I've been too busy moving around," Keyes said during a campaign stop Monday at The Pantagraph. "I have not had the time. I barely have time to do my laundry." According to the Illinois secretary of state's office, Keyes has 90 days to get an Illinois driver's license if he intends to stay in the state. That means he'll have to get one sometime in early November, unless he loses the race and returns to the East Coast. "We keep talking about it," he said. "But every time we think we've found a window, something comes up." "I haven't even opened a bank account," Keyes said.
From the Pantagraph.