Monday, September 20, 2004

Polling Numbers

So, this is the type of poll that apparently Keyes thinks should not be published b/c it biases voters:
The poll of 800 likely voters puts Obama, currently a state senator from Chicago, ahead of Keyes, a nationally known conservative commentator from Maryland, 68 percent to 23 percent. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
So, I thought that this was a big deal, but here's someone else saying that:
I can't remember the last time you had a gap like this between two newcomers," said Del Ali, head of Research 2000, the Maryland-based polling firm that conducted the poll last week. "Usually, when you have this kind of gap, it's the popular incumbent against a sacrificial lamb. This may be unprecedented."
And here's the true "truth about Keyes": most people don't like him:
But even more respondents - well over half - simply don't like Keyes. In fact, the percentage of respondents who have a "favorable" view of Keyes (22 percent) was smaller than the percentage who said they hold "no opinion" about him.