Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Once again, the polls are phony

From the Pantagraph:
They (polls) are manipulative and degrading and damaging to our political system, and they should not be allowed when it comes to the actual time frame in which people are making up their minds," Keyes said during a meeting with The Pantagraph's editorial board. ... But Keyes dismissed the poll results as the work of a biased media. "I would suggest that what would be appropriate is a complete ban on all polling activity and all publication of such polling activity within a certain time frame," said Keyes. "All of the polls taken at this stage of the game are phony anyway."
A complete ban on ALL polling activity? Even internal? Well, in Keyes' case, I guess that would be wise. And, as I've said before, I just love his talk about small government, then a desire to pass a law to prohibit polling and its publication.