Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Alan Keyes teachs a Sex Education Lesson

I really want to leave the topic of "selfish hedonism," but some people don't make it easy. From the American Daily:
Alan Keyes Teaches Sex Education Lesson To Homosexual Interviewer By Mary Mostert (09/07/04)
It begins with another defense of what Keyes really said, which is to say that Keyes didn't mention Mary Cheney first. And which reading the transcript, doesn't persuade one that the media has misinterpreted the interview. It concludes with:
Keyes’ sex education lesson to a confused homosexual ought to be required reading in every sex education class in the country. It might begin scaling back the flood of misery, disease and early death that await those who chose to get involved in homosexual and lesbian life styles.
I feel wrong even cutting and pasting that. I've said before that have Keyes as a candidate does nothing except hurt people. And less there's any question that Keyes isn't encouraging the notion that gay sex leads to death, he's now posted to this article on his website. And remember he said in 2000 that AIDS is a "rooted in a moral crisis." And for what it's worth (from the BBC), Women who are exclusively lesbian are at low risk of sexually transmitted infections, but sex with men puts her at the same risk as all other women."