Thursday, September 09, 2004

What does this mean?

On a Salt Lake City radio show, Keyes said:
DRASCHIL: We've had a number of people express disappointment that we didn't hear from Alan Keyes at the Republican convention. Can you kind of tell us what went on there? KEYES: Well, I guess I was surprised at that. As I've often told people, the people who were planning the convention were really aiming to try to do the best they could for G.W. Bush. I have my own race here in Illinois to run, and was effectively working at the convention, getting in touch with people around the country who are eager to support what I am doing here, communicating to voters back in Illinois.
What does that even mean? Is he hinting that he wasn't offered a spot? Remember, he was and turned it down, to spend time effectively communicating with the Illinois voters.