Thursday, August 26, 2004

Not quite the keynote address

From the Trib: Keyes turns down role at convention
Republican candidates for open U.S. Senate seats, including Keyes, were offered speaking roles next Monday afternoon at the convention, said Dan Allen, a spokesman for the Republican National Senatorial Committee. "Given the extraordinary time commitment as a result of the extraordinary security precautions that are in place, we simply couldn't fit it into his schedule," said William Pascoe, Keyes' campaign manager. Some Senate candidates have declined to give short speeches Monday afternoon because of the time it will take to enter Madison Square Garden in comparison to the time they would spend on the podium, a GOP source said.
Then, my favorite quote:
"Alan Keyes does not need a prime time slot at the Republican National Convention to get his message across," Pascoe said. "Barack Obama needed to be pumped up by Democrats in Illinois and nationally because he is just so much hot air."
So Mr. Pascoe, are you saying that Keyes would have turned down a prime time slot? Didn't think so.