Sunday, August 15, 2004

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From the Sun-Times
Cheers erupted from the crowd as Obama's float passed.

"Tell Obama he's got our vote 'cause he's a Democrat and I like his principles and his values, and he's got a strong family core," said Lastagia Roberson, 28, of Springfield.

"Besides being very charismatic, his background and his stands speak for itself," said Chuck Arceneaux, 48, of Richton Park. "I think he'd be a fine representative of the people, not only black people, but all people."

The crowd was mostly quiet and ambivalent toward Keyes, a former presidential candidate and radio and television commentator from Maryland, as he passed. Some booing followed him.

"Tell Alan Keyes to go back to Maryland," said Lena Sullivan, 43, of Carbondale, who was booing. "He's not even from here. He knows nothing about Illinois."