Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Can someone explain this?

From the San Jose Mercury News (subscription required):
"It was a scripted performance at the Democratic convention," said Keyes. "I will put it bluntly: His behavior suggests he is unfit to be standing there with those senators. I have proven my fitness. In the presidential debates I stood with Senator (John) McCain, with Senator (Richard) Luger and Senator (Orrin) Hatch and Senator (Phil) Gramm. I won their respect and it was clear to people all over the country that I belonged in their company. And I think the real question isn't about the debates. The real question is, is this guy ready?"
I'm not sure I get this (which is, of course, nothing new when it comes to Keyes' quotes). Debating with U.S. Senators makes one qualified to be a U.S. Senator, whereas being a state Senator doesn't?