Monday, August 30, 2004

Keyes on CBS2

Amazing. Keyes managed to take a question about the protestors in New York and tie it back to Obama and abortion by saying that both are "people who've adopted an extremist approach." And when asked about why he isn't speaking at the RNC, he said "these days getting in and out of the floor takes quite a bit of time and we didn't want to use the chunk of time that it requires to get a moment's photo op. We thought it better to be effectively communicating to the people of Illinois." Uh, look at where Keyes will be tonight:
10:00-10:30p EST: ABC's Talk Show Row hosted by Sam Donaldson and Gil Gross; on Convention Floor 11:30p or 12:00a EST: Greta Van Sustern Show at the Republican Convention; on Convention Floor
And this morning (unless he was just standing in front of a screen), he was on the convention floor. Update: Although Keyes says that he will be communicating to the people of Illinois, that does not apparently include the Illinois delegation to the RNC. From the Chicago Tribune:
Illinois Republican Party Chairwoman Judy Baar Topinka said she wasn't sure what Keyes had scheduled this week or when he would meet up with his party. "He has his own agenda. He doesn't necessarily work within the confines of the Illinois Republican Party," she said. "So, we really don't know what Mr. Keyes is doing, when, until he alerts us. He lets us know--when he feels so moved to let us know--where he is. "I don't know if it's a good thing," for the party, she added. "It certainly seems to be his way."
Update 2: So, this morning he may not actually be on the floor, but just in the press area. Not sure how security works there, also not sure what the story is for tonight. CNN was on the floor during the DNC, it looks from the description that they will be there tonight.