Saturday, August 28, 2004

More from comments

First, although Eric Zorn credits me for pointing out that Obama didn't have opposition at the time of his keynote address, it was actually one of those "anonymous" commenters. Then, Trigg from Random Act of Kindness, wishes to argue a technicality:
Actually, Obama was chosen to speak before Jack Ryan dropped out. And regardless, he did have an opponent at the time even though him and his campaign refused to ackowledge his opponents. So much for common courtesy and a belief in the principles of democracy, let alone free and equal elections. Just more typical snobbish, elitist behavior.
But here's the chronology: June 25, 2004: Jack Ryan issues his withdrawal statement. July 27, 2004: Obama delivers his keynote address. July 29, 2004: Jack Ryan files his withdrawal papers, finally. As for other opposition, I have a link to Jerry Kohn's website and have respect for libertarians. However, stating that Obama had no opposition is simply a statement that reflects political realities of the two-party system. I have nothing to do with free and equal elections, as perhaps certain secretaries of state do. As for being an elistist snob, using the David Brooks standards, I want to state that even though I live in the city, I can name four NASCAR drivers, have a CD rack full of country music and have eaten my share of Olive Garden. There's no way I'm more than a 4.5 on the "elistist snob" scale.