Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Because they linked to me, I suppose I should link to them: Obama Truth Squad. I have no problem with their stated aim of exploring Obama's voting record. I do; however, have a problem with this button. Clearly, I was thinking of their website when I went with "Truth About Keyes." As Keyes doesn't have a legislative record, the "truth" that I am attempting to expose here is the historical accuracy behind many of Keyes' ideas. I am not able to track every media story about Keyes; I'll leave that to the Archpundit. My aim is more to spend time dissecting his thinking and the basis of his strongly held beliefs. But as I promised to follow the "crazy" things, it wouldn't be a blog entry today without linking to Keyes' singing today. It's not quite a mosh pit, but it will do for now.