Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Patriot Act

It appears that we may have agreement on one point:

And I think one of the things that particularly irked me in the last several weeks, and it seemed to be the first thing that came out of the mouths of some commentators, the Twin Towers had barely fallen to rubble, but they were on the air saying, "Well, this means we're going to have to give up some of our rights for security. We're just going to have to decide how much of our liberty goes so that we can be safe." What bunk!

Alan Keyes, Forum Address to Hobart and William Smith Colleges, November 29, 2001

This is actually an interesting area where social conservatives tend to meet up with liberals--that is, a distrust of law enforcement. I'm not sure, though, if Alan Keyes has changed his mind on this point.

The Trib yesterday had this summary of Obama and Keyes' views on the issues.

Obama: Was an early, outspoken critic of the war. However, he now believes that U.S. forces must remain in Iraq until the country is stabilized.

Keyes: Has raised questions about Bush pre-emptive war doctrine, but now "stands foursquare behind the president," according to a spokesman.

I am interested to know if Keyes has also taken back his views of civil liberties. If anyone has anything more recent, please send it along.