Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why am I angry?

A comment asks why I am angry,

Why are you angry the GOP put him up if you are an Obama supporter and Keyes is such a horrible candidate? Do you feel that Obama's certain ascent to the White House is now in danger? # posted by Anonymous : 12:43 PM

Although I definitely think that this is a walk in the park for Obama, I'm angry at the Illinois moderate Republicans for allowing Keyes a platform to spout his ideas. I certainly believe in free speech, but that didn't mean that the Illinois Republicans had to provide the platform for that speech.

For full disclosure, I come from a "religious right" background and I have first-hand seen the kind of personal damage that many of these ideas can bring. And I suppose that's why I'm angry. I remain religious, but I now know that my personal religion doesn't mean that everyone else has to share my ideas. And it especially does not mean that it is the government's role to force those ideals on others.

Of course, to make this post completely rambling, I will add that I think that letting conservatives have this race is a victory for the moderate Republicans. When Keyes loses in a landslide, moderates can say "see, you had your chance, from now on the party is ours."