Saturday, August 28, 2004

a b movie?

From the Archpundit:
The Phony Polls Keyes on Fox
KEYES: The phony polls where they won't even release the sampling data that they used? I think it's quite clear that the media is attempting to manipulate and influence the outcome of the election, and that's one of the reasons these polls are so destructive of the quality of our electoral process. WALLACE: And if you get shellacked? KEYES: Get shellacked? That's not even on the table. A matter of fact, the Democrats are running so scared, and my opponent has been running scared since I stepped into the race. I think it's just the opposite. We are building up the kind of momentum that has struck fear into the heart of both Obama and the Democrats in Illinois.
I'm sorry, but can someone get him some lines that don't sound like he is in a bad B movie?
The B movie analogy is far better than mine, but I'm adding mine anyway. Has anyone seen that really awful show called "Crossballs" on Comedy Central where actors and comedians pretend to be experts are argue things like drugs are good for kids, that insulting people helps them lose weight, and new ideas are needed for christianity like calling your priest during your sin? I hate the show, but I think Comedy Central should save themselves some money and skip the actor for a night and just have Keyes come on.