Monday, August 30, 2004

Alan Keyes Is No Harold Stassen

Alan Keyes Is No Harold Stassen ( So I know, this is completely unrelated to the RNC; however, for about 3 days, this was the top result when googling news about Alan Keyes and it cracked me up every time I read it, so I'm posting it. In sum, the letter writer says:
Your Aug. 9 editorial regarding new Illinois GOP Senate candidate Alan Keyes compared Keyes to Harold Stassen. This comparison is grossly unfair to Stassen.
Which reminds Truth Girl that she was present at the vice-presidential debate where Lloyd Bentsen told Dan Quayle that "you sir, are no John Kennedy." Unfortunately, she is ashamed to admit that her leanings were far more conservative at the time and she actually had a bit of a crush on Quayle. (Truth Girl has also decided to refer to herself in the third person whenever she refers to her conservative background as an attempt to distance herself from her not-so-distant past.)