Friday, August 13, 2004

Obama on public morality

The Archpundit links to this summary of Obama's Fresh Air interview:

Obama said he would be "entirely happy to engage with him on some of the issues that he's concerned about, issues of abortion and gay rights and wanting to have the Ten Commandments posted in a federal courtroom."

"But what I'm going to insist on is that we discuss issues not only of private morality but also of public morality, because I think there are moral questions posed when we have one out of three African-American males in prison and there are moral problems when entire communities are devastated because the plant closes and is moving overseas," Obama said.

"There are moral problems posed by all those stakeholders in Enron when nobody's policing them and that's going to be as big a topic as issues like gay marriage in this campaign if I have anything to do about it," he said.

I should have known Obama could argue this far better than I ever could. I look forward to the debates.