Friday, August 20, 2004

Dressed For Success

Given Truth Girl's love for religious themes and debate, it would be entirely inappropriate for me to not highlight Keyes' visit to the Illinois State Fair yesterday. Keyes made his best attempt to blend in well with the crowd by sporting only the most appropriate attire. From the trib. Keyes swept through the fairgrounds in a green shirt, tan slacks, tennis shoes and a necklace with a gold crucifix and a miniature version of the Ten Commandments--something he calls the "Boss and the Rules." He stopped at a Republican event in a tavern called Franny's, where he did not imbibe. "I do have one rule, because I do occasionally take a drink of beer and wine," he said. "I never do so when I have to speak, because I want to make sure that the spiritedness of my speech is entirely mine." Keyes certainly followed his rule when he spoke on August 18th. From the Trib: Responding to a question about proposed expansion of O'Hare International Airport and construction of an airport in the south suburbs, Keyes said he hasn't made up his mind on the projects but a "political mess" partly explains their lack of progress and the stench in the air. "It's a little bit like you're standing in a room, and off in the corner of the room there is a deeply smelly toad that is filling the room with a nasty odor," he said. "And everybody's holding their cocktails, and they're wearing their ties and they're fastidiously not talking about the smelly toad. But the room is filled with the stink of it." Entirely Keyes indeed.