Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Daily Herald on Keyes

Here's the Daily Herald's take on Keyes yesterday. A few highlights:
My fear is that Keyes' theatrics and many of his out-of-the-mainstream views will overshadow any real debate on the issues and cost the party more erosion," wrote [DuPage County Board Chairman Bob] Schillerstrom, responding to a Daily Herald survey of Illinois Republican delegates. "Marriage is not about them," said Keyes of gays. "I'll put it very simply: Marriage is about procreation and child rearing. That's the essence of it. To embrace an understanding of marriage that in principle excludes procreation would be to destroy the meaning of the institution." Keyes has criticized President Bush's policies on education, taxes and immigration but has been praising the president this week as the best candidate to continue the war on terror. Keyes refuses to back away from previous criticism of convention speakers like Sen. John McCain (an "arrogant liberal"), California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (on the "evil side") and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (wouldn't vote for him because he supports abortion rights). When asked if enough money will be there to air TV ads against Obama, Keyes wasn't divulging secrets: "This is for me to know."