Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Losing more friends

This from the Illinois Leader:
The response from conservatives was immediate. "Who downstate will now vote for Keyes?" wrote IllinoisLeader.com reader Randall Mead of Springfield today. "I certainly won't."
The article also includes an extended explanation by Keyes of his position on reparations. In which references Nixon's affirmative action policy as:

the original and proper concept of affirmative action developed under Republican leadership during the Nixon years.

I'm currently in the midst of this article on Nixon's affirmative action policy. Very interesting.

But I like this quote from the article best:

[Jack Roeser of Family Taxpayers Network] continued, "Keyes is a man of ideas, and I expect he gets into discussions like this that are proper in their proper place, but that he would never vote for reparations. The problem with American politics is that people don't get into deep discussions."

So, the idea I take away from that is I should vote for someone who advocates one set of principles but votes for another?