Monday, August 16, 2004

A little more on Peroutka

So, I realize Peroutka is a little off-topic from Keyes, but there is a piece from Christianity Today's weblog, criticizing the Washington Post piece and calling Peroutka the "Christian Right's Nader." Weblog points us to Peroutka's criticism of James Dobson. What if the religious right split? Could there really be a religious right's Nader? I disagree with the headline, though, of "The Antiabortion, Antiwar, Pro-Jesus Party." There's very little mention of Jesus in the Constitution Party's platform, other than in the preamble. Isn't the focus more on the Ten Commandments, than on the "love your neighbor as yourself" platform that Jesus preached. Just a thought... And Keyes and Peroutka have shared a stage before. Does being the Republican IL Senate candidate mean that Keyes has to support Bush?