Monday, August 30, 2004

A little more on the war

From the comments in reference to Keyes revisionist history presentation about the war in Iraq:
Keyes was lying from his first sentence. The UN weapons inspectors weren't "kicked out of the country" -- they left because we announced that we were going to start bombing in 48 hours. It's amazing that people like Keyes can offer completely fictional accounts of recent historical events which everyone over the age of two was around for, and rooms full of people applaud and say "amen." I'm the kind of guy who often walks into a room and forgets what he came for, but even I remember about the weapons inspectors. To say that the UN had no "eyes and ears" in Iraq in 2003 is to completely contradict obvious facts. Is Alan Keyes a serious pothead, or does he just think that everyone who watches the Quentin Road Bible Hour is? Dave Palmer
As I've had more than one person mention to me: how is it that the same people who are so obsessed with preventing the abortion of pre-viable fetuses are willing to buy into a false premise that has caused the death hundreds of viable adult American soldiers and thousands of viable children and adult Iraqis?