Sunday, August 29, 2004

No time for his own party...

Keyes said he didn't have time to speak at the RNC, but he apparently has time to talk on every single talk radio show. His schedule tomorrow from the Illinois Leader: MONDAY, August 30
Republican National Convention, New York 7:30-7:35a EST: Interview with Antonio Mora or Mike Flannery, WBBM TV-2/CBS, Chicago; live sit-down from CBS box at Madison Square Garden. 9:05-9:10a EST: Interview with Tonya Francisco on CLTV, Chicago; topic: GOP Convention and ALK's race 10:00-10:15a EST: Interview on WLS radio, Chicago 4:00-4:30p EST: Inside Politics, CNN, details forthcoming 5:00-5:05p EST: Interview with ABC News Chicago, ABC skybox at Madison Square Garden; topic: campaign & convention; tentative 10:00-10:30p EST: ABC's Talk Show Row hosted by Sam Donaldson and Gil Gross; on Convention Floor 11:30p or 12:00a EST: Greta Van Sustern Show at the Republican Convention; on Convention Floor
Should be plenty to report on tomorrow!