Saturday, August 14, 2004

More crazy things

So, everyone else is keeping up with the crazy things faster than me, like this from the Archpundit: Keyes wants to end popular election of senators So Keyes doesn't quit talking about his respect for the Constitution, yet he would repeal one of the amendments? The Bill of Rights were amendments, would he repeal them, too? Or are the only "bad" amendments those from the 20th century? Now that I think of it, that would get rid of the income tax, too. Eric Zorn sends us to the Illinois Times for this story which has an extended biography of Keyes and a summary of Keyes' constant playing of the "race card." I'm not the only one calling Keyes crazy:
Even the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine edited by Keyes' Harvard roommate William Kristol, calls the choice of Keyes a "fiasco" in an online article by Republican consultant Mike Murphy. "I'm certain Ambassador Keyes is now busily printing up some 'Crazy Times Demand a Crazy Senator' yard signs," Murphy wrote.
And this is why the Republican Party was clearly also crazy for picking Keyes:
Why would Republicans (who rejected Jim Oberweis because his anti-immigrant ads were perceived as too bigoted) choose a candidate with a long record of extreme statements against gays and lesbians, against abortion rights, against free trade, and even against moderates in his own party?
For the record, I don't consider all members of the religous right crazy. But I do think Alan Keyes is and I'm definitely not the only one. There's also this from in 2000, clearly written by someone who had never met an evangelical Christian before in his life.