Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Keyes on Contraception

I can't believe it took me until now to connect the dots, but it makes sense that Alan Keyes is also opposed to contraception. Here's one quote via Archpundit:

No-fault divorce introduced the breakdown of marriage, said Keyes. Contraception greatly advanced it. And now the suppression of the child from marriage from marriage has become a fundamental right - even if the most extreme means are called for.

And there's this:

Keyes said that for freedom to exist there must be choice. "For choice," he said, there must be a possibility of distinction." After having described the distinction between man and woman, he then went on to explain how they are united. "Man and woman become one through the child," he said. He explained that the three distinct persons of the man, the woman, and the child in a way represent the Holy Trinity which is central to the Christian faith. He stated his belief that by engaging in practices such as contraception and abortion, society represses this union.

If Alan Keyes thinks that his views are in-tune with most Illinoisans, but even he has to be kidding himself on this one. I couldn't find stats on opinions of contraceptives, but I found this that says that 76% of American married women aged 15-49 use contraceptives. Also, I'm not Catholic, and I don't remember hearing this concept of man, woman and child representing the Trinity anywhere, so if anyone has some insight, I would appreciate it. And remember that the Illinois legislature, only last year passed a law requiring many insurance companies to cover contraception if they covered prescriptions. Perhaps those representatives who voted for the bill did actually know what the people of Illinois think. Not only are we o.k. with contraception, we also happen to favor our insurance companies covering it.