Thursday, August 26, 2004

More on the Keyes at the RNC

These quotes from the comments are too funny not to bring out:
"Alan Keyes does not need a prime time slot at the Republican National Convention to get his message across," Pascoe said. "Barack Obama needed to be pumped up by Democrats in Illinois and nationally because he is just so much hot air." Did they paint the office right before the Keyes campaign staff moved in? Did they forget to open the office windows before assembling some model airplanes? There must be some innocent explanation for all of them losing touch with reality. # posted by So-Called Austin Mayor : 11:11 AM
That last line -- Obama needs to be pumped up -- is incredible. Obama was chosen to give the keynote when he had no opponent, and it looked as if the GOP would only put up token opposition. Paint fumes can't explain it. I'm guessing that Jerry Rubin's 1968 threat to put LSD in the drinking supply might have been involved. posted by Anonymous : 4:34 PM
And I'm intrigued by this: Keyes doesn't have time to address the RNC on Monday afternoon, yet he has time to visit Hannity and Colmes the day after?