Tuesday, August 17, 2004

More Crossfire Comments

Transcript is up here. For Paul Begala's first question he had read a quote by Mike Murphy critizing Keyes, then asked Keyes to respond to it. Keyes declined to answer statement that Murphy was "some pro-abortion Republican" and adding that it "wasn't a real question." He also stated that

some people seem to think that casting a name-calling session in front of somebody constitutes asking a question.

Ummm. Might you be referring to yourself, Mr. Keyes? So, Begala asked Keyes a "real question" the second time around. He echoed So-Called Austin Mayor's question about whether in by stating that on September 11th God was telling America to "wake up", Keyes was saying that God wanted the September 11th attacks to occur. Keyes avoided the question merely repeating the same line about both abortion and terrorism both taking innocent life. Check out the transcript. Tucker Carlson called Keyes out on both his reparations stance and whether his selection as a candidate was an affirmative action selection (Is Keyes losing friends faster than he can make them?).

Give them an incentive to work. Give people an incentive to own businesses without taking pennies out of anybody else's pocket, you're able to create an environment where people are encouraged to work and put a strong foundation under themselves instead of putting money in a democracy to dominate their lives that undermines the moral foundations of their families and destroys their economic incentives.

I repeat my earlier question. How does not requiring one entire set of taxpayers to pay taxes not cost me a penny? More on this later...