Monday, September 27, 2004

Not quite

Alvin Williams, of BAMPAC, had this editorial which appeared in the Milwaukee Journal:
Blacks don't vote as a monolith, as Illinois race shows By ALVIN WILLIAMS
The article goes to state how Keyes and Obama are very different. So, I'll give him that point. But I'm not sure the headline is backed up by the article--he doesn't really discuss how black voters in Illinois are going to vote. For good reason. Black voters in the Senate race are pretty much all voting for the same candidate-Obama. Oh wait, pretty much everyone in Illinois is voting as a monolith--for Obama. Anyway, the first Chicago Tribune poll broke down the numbers by race and reported:
Though blacks are a traditional Democratic constituency, GOP leaders were hoping that the selection of Keyes could help them make inroads into that community. But black crowds cheered Obama and widely jeered Keyes as they marched in the annual Bud Billiken Day parade on the South Side recently, and the poll indicates that the reactions were hardly a fluke. Ninety-six percent of black voters said they backed the election of Obama and 90 percent said they held a favorable opinion of the Democrat. By contrast, only 3 percent of black voters said they viewed Keyes favorably, while 65 percent did not view him favorably and 24 percent had no opinion. Despite the controversy that led Ryan to drop off the ballot, black voters still had a far higher opinion of him than Keyes, with 25 percent saying they viewed the former GOP candidate favorably.